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Rose Flower

Rose from the Garden

My first memory of knowing I wanted a rose garden in my future.

It was sometime between second and third grade.  I remember the kid who brought the rose to school he was a ginger and all the girls thought he was their best friend.  He was not the kid in school that liked to play sports on the playground but he was very friendly and pretty popular.  One day he brought the teacher a rose to school, did I mention this kid was a professional brown noser.  Of course the teacher was raving on how great the rose smelled and how appreciative she was of the beautiful flower.  I can even remember the individual girls going to the teachers desk to go and smell the rose. When they all got their little noses to the rose and lifted their faces they had the biggest smile and all proclaimed that smells so good.  At the time I remember thinking man this kid has got it figured out and he went out and bought the teacher a rose in the second or third grade, man he is beyond is years in the art of butt kissing.  But then I heard the teacher say did you cut this rose from your Mother’s rose garden?  The student replied yes, and it was at that moment that I knew I was going to grow roses in my future.

rose cut for Easter

Rose cut fresh from the rose garden for Easter