Check out Obama and His New Bestfriend

Castro and Obama in CubaObama made a new Friend

Check out this picture of President Obama in Cuba with Raul Castro.  Raul was raising Obama’s hand as though he was the winner of a prize fight.  I think that Raul is in such shock that the American President is his new bestfriend that he wanted Obama to raise his hand with him in admiration for their great relationship.  Obama was down in Cuba getting advice from Raul on how to get away with treating your people badly and still staying in power, something Obama dreams of at night.  Obama was in Cuba at the same time, the Tampa Bay Rays were in Cuba to play a baseball game against the Cuban national baseball team.  The Rays won the game 4-1 against Cuba.

A Few Cubans Get to Ride on Air Force One

Cubans ride on Air Force One

Obama even brought some Cubans back on Air Force One

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